$6.7 Billion Mobile Health Care Industry by 2014, Are You Part Of It?

Mobile App, this word we heard first time in 2008 and in 2010 it was declared “word of the year” by the American Dialect Society. The mobile health market is expected to be valued at $6.7 billion by the end of 2014, according to a report from research firm Visionagain. This is unbelievable, every week in Silicon Valley there is at least one Start-up networking event going on and in that event minimum 5 companies present their ideas, out of these 5 start-up companies, you will find at least one company will be presenting idea which is related to mobile health.  This is new gold rush in Silicon Valley and it is spreading all over the world. All entrepreneurs are racing against each other to bring new, innovative mobile health care related apps and medical devices. This is a mad rush among entrepreneurs but in their fight, both patients and heath care providers are getting benefited, which is a great news. No wonder, this mhealth (mobile health) industry is going to be $6.7 billion and I have decided to be part of it, what about you healthcarepreneurs?

I was at Stanford last week for “Biodesign for mobile health” course and got a chance to hear new technologies that are coming into the market and how Kaiser Permanente is becoming part of this innovation. It was very informative and I was looking for this kind of information all over the internet for last few months. Here is the video that I would like to share with you guys.


Till now traditionally, our health care system was more focused on hospitals and health care providers but now because of this mobile technologies, patients are at the center of the world and health care providers are coming to patients through mobile apps and medical devices. It is now becoming more real time data centered, on-demand access to medical records, more personalized than any day before and importantly reduction in cost. Mobile health is everywhere, starting from your house, hospitals, clinics and every other place where individual is going. And all these places are seamlessly transitioning all data into each other site. Truly, world is becoming smaller, faster and smarter. I am hoping you want to be part of this world.

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