Healthcarepreneur — A New Breed of an Entrepreneur

Welcome to my first blog! I hope you will enjoy. I have no idea if someone is already using the word “Healthcarepreneurship” before. But I have coined this word almost a year before when I was planning for my MBA. One of my friend asked me what is your plan after MBA? That time I was completely in the mood of starting my own startup, but I have no idea in what field. I have a PhD in Organic Chemistry and had been working in the pharmaceutical industry for last 6 years as a Research Scientist position. I knew that my first company will be something related to my own field of drug discovery, so I told my friend that I want to become a Healthcarepreneur. Healthcarepreneur, I can define as an entrepreneur who wants to dedicate his or hers life for the human being health care related products. That’s my first innovation in health care industry. Good now I have created this new word, what next? Being a researcher, immediately I have started looking in this field by Healthcarepreneurship angle and I got amazed with the amount of work going on in the  Silicon Valley, CA. During my study, I got to know so many innovators, companies, investors and hi-techs industries all are working for bringing innovations in health care industries, there are so many meetup groups who are providing platform to these healthcarepreneurs and universities like UCSF running special programs with PhDs and MBAs to merge research and business brain. So, I have also decided to put my thoughts, collect all the information at one place and bring like minded people together using this blog platform to connect the outside healthcarepreneural world. I hope you will also have a great time reading my blogs and we will have a great discussion on certain topics. Never know, may be through these blogs some enthusiastic entrepreneur will find all the resources for opening an innovative startup on health care related products. I will definitely do my best to provide all the information related to start a business in health care industry. And I will be very glad to be part of your success. But I need your help too, I want you to be an active part of our healthy communication. So, let’s start together and be a Healthcarepreneur. As Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the Change you want to see in the world” Lets bring that change that everyone knew is going to happen if not now then in future.

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4 comments on “Healthcarepreneur — A New Breed of an Entrepreneur
  1. Prady says:

    Welcome and all the best Healthcarepreneur!
    An awesome blog 🙂

  2. Elena says:

    I found information about a platform for fundraising, which aims to help startups in health care industry. It’s called AngelMD. It could be useful for healthcarepreneurs 🙂

    • healthcarepreneur says:

      That’s great information. Definitely I will include that in my next blog. Thanks Elena for this info.

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