Healthcarepreneurship and Silicon Valley

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The hometown of entrepreneurs is Silicon Valley, if I say this then I am not wrong. 2013 was the year of IPOs. Out of 35 health care IPOs nationwide, 7 IPOs were from Silicon Valley itself. And in just first two months of 2014, already 17 IPOs were filed, that’s another record in health care industry.

Silicon Valley Bank who works with more than 50% of health care industry in nationwide, they just published their data. According to their study report, the number of health care IPOs were tripled just in 2013 and from 2005 this is the first time that venture investment has seen the biggest return, and expecting double return in 2014.

Why is there so much change suddenly in health care industry? It is not sudden. There were lot of activities going on in the background, especially what I have seen in Silicon Valley. Till now, Silicon Valley is famous for semiconductors, and IT industry but now as I said before in my first blog, the new breed of entrepreneurs started coming in the market, who were watching the big jump of IT industry, and upcoming new smart devices in the market. This new breed is believing in their health care industry and they knew there is a lot of scope for the health care industry if they can connect IT and health care. And I called these new breed of entrepreneurs as healthcarepreneurs.

From where this healthcarepreneurs suddenly started emerging? From what I have seen in Silicon Valley, there are several resources now available for health care experts to make their dream true of becoming an entrepreneur. Some of them I am listing here…

  2. Stanford Technology Venture Program’s Entrepreneurship Corner
  3. Stanford Biodesign Resources
  4. Steve Blank’s Startup Tools, amazing place for an entrepreneur
  5. Berkeley’s Lester Center for Entrepreneurship

Plenty of Healthcare Accelerators and Incubators are all over the nationwide now and completely dedicated to the healthcare industry. Here are some from Silicon Valley …

  1. Rock Health, one of the first health related accelerator by Halle Tecco
  2. Startup Health by Former Time Warner CEO Jerry Levin
  3. Y Combinators, Dropbox and Airbnb are the biggest names in their portfolio
  4. AngelPad, founded by Ex-Googler Thomas Korte in 2010
  5. 500 Startups based in Mountain View, CA

Imagine that, Silicon Valley is providing everything well resourced and well connected centers needed for an entrepreneur where you can take your idea and come out with your IPO. Why not then you will dare to enter here? That’s what happened and happening from last few years in Silicon Valley.


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10 comments on “Healthcarepreneurship and Silicon Valley
  1. Andrew says:

    Does TechStar have special accelerator for healthcare startups?

  2. Nina says:

    Interesting- I had no idea!

    • healthcarepreneur says:

      Thanks Nina!! Isn’t it amazing? .. till now I heard about all IT related buzz..but when I started looking deeply for health care industry and I found so many things going on in Silicon Valley. We need to be part of it.

  3. Guille says:

    It is a great time for the health care industry in Silicon Valley. Hopefully, more people, institutions and businesses develop solutions that help tackle the greatest health issues. Something you did not mention is the role of the investors, how do you see their participation in the healthpreneur trend? Whereas Angel or VCs, from what I´ve seen, they many times have the greatest influence in what becomes the new trends to follow. I think we should take a deeper look at what their future target industries are to sense how long this healthpreneur trend will continue.

    • healthcarepreneur says:

      Guille, you got the point. Eventually these investors, VCs or Angels has the influence on the start-ups. But looking at the trend, they also know where is the future now? And this trend is going to stay for a long time since there is still so much to achieve in health care industry. Lets see.. we are going to be witness in future. But thanks for the comment.

  4. xing rao says:

    i like this website, helps us understand the healthcare situation in the bay area !

  5. Tom says:

    Hi, this is interesting blog and topic for me. This help me to screen what is happening in the healthcare entrepreneur sector. I wanna know the trend what kind of business in this healthcare entrepreneur sector is hot and why. 😉

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